Garcia, Tammy – Polychrome Jar with Birds and Rainbows

7"w x 4.75"h

$ 9,800.00

This is an early piece by Tammy Garcia from around 1992. It is an exceptional piece of her carved pottery.  The design has a stylized bird on each side.  They are polished red while the plants below them are polished tan.  The clouds above are polished white!  There is a polished tan rainbow extending out from the clouds.  Surrounding the birds are very intricately carved rain and wind designs.  The number of very small carved sections along with the various clay slips which are all polished give this jar a very unique appearance.  In addition, look behind the carving and there is a white clay slip which Tammy applied before the piece was fired.  As you can imagine, with all the small angles and edges, it was very time-consuming.  She said she only made a few with the white clay in the background and then she began to just use water to smooth out the background.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Tammy Garcia”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  This jar is certainly an important part of Tammy’s amazing story of working with the clay to create her distinctive art.