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Garcia, Tammy – “The Forgotten Prince” Frog Seedpot (2002)

Garcia, Tammy – “The Forgotten Prince” Frog Seedpot (2002)

6.5"w x 4"h
$ 8,800.00
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This is very creative effigy seedpot by Tammy Garcia from 2002.  It is featured in the book, “Tammy Garcia: Form without Boundaries” on page 104.  In the book it says of this piece:

“This is the perfect illustration of Garcia’s eager imagination that refuses to linger in staid notions of convention.  In this interpretation, Garcia deftly merges the Pueblo form with the European folktale of the frog prince.  She creates a witty and striking narrative of the classic fairytale by portraying her frog with eyes and prominently puckered lips.”

The piece is very deeply carved with stylized swirls and geometric water patterns, which Tammy has used throughout her career.  It is the face of the frog which is matte and sculpted into the clay.  The piece is signed on the bottom, “The Forgotten Prince, Tammy Garcia”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is always great to see such a creative piece of her work and one of the few which was published in her book!

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