Garcia, Wilfred – Large Seedpot with Kiva Brick Top and Ladder (1980s)

9"w x 6"h 11"h (w/ ladder)

$ 800.00

Wilfred Garcia (1954-2018) was married to Sandra Shutiva and was a son-in-law of Stella Shutiva.  He learned to make pottery from Stella.  He called his pottery, “A Vision of Dreams” and was known for his sculptural works in clay.  This large seedpot is coil built.  On the top, the piece is mean to look like the top of a kiva. There are six rows of rectangular carved “bricks” encircling the piece.  There is a wooden ladder that extends upward out of the piece.  The piece is signed, “W. Garcia” and it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.