Gonzales, John – Plate with Feather Pattern, Flute Players, Turquoise and Diamond (1997)

11.75" diameter

$ 1,400.00

This plate by John Gonzales is from 1997.  John was well known for his plate and their intricately etched designs.  This plate is matte red and incised with a feather and avanyu medallion, along with a band of flute players.  The flute players and feathers are matte tan.  They are surrounded by a micaceous slip in the background.  There is shell hei-shi down the sides of the flute player band and shell hei-shi beads around the feathers.  There are three additional inset triangular turquoise stones along with a diamond in the center of the avanyu and feather design.  I remember having some that John said were diamonds when I first started working with him in the 1990s.  The plate is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is signed on the back, “John Gonzales”.