Gutierrez, Eugene – Clay Pueblo Eagle Dancer (1980s)

5"w x 3.25"h

$ 450.00

Eugene Gutierrez was a son of Victoria Gutierrez and a grandson of Faustina Gutierrez.  He was a brother of noted potters Sally Tafoya, Effie Garcia, Julie Gutierrez, and Ethel Yazza. This is one of his classic clay Pueblo Dancers.  It is an Eagle Dancer which is both matte and polished.  There are areas that are etched to represent the feathers.  The tips of the wings, the head of the eagle, and the sash are all stone polished!  It is a striking piece both with the contrasting polished and matte surfaces along with the detailed carving of the face, feet, and wings!  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Eugene Gutierrez.”  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.