Gutierrez, Lois – Water Jar with Mountain Lions and Cloud Designs

7"w x 8"h

$ 1,200.00

Lois Gutierrez is one of the few potters who continue to create traditional polychrome (more than 3 colors of clay) pottery at Santa Clara Pueblo.  This is a traditional style water jar with a low shoulder and sloping neck.  The jar is painted with natural clay slips and there are over five different colors used.  This is the first time Lois has painted mountain lions on her pottery!  They are painted with natural clay slips and the clay creates the texture of the fur.  They have a two-dimensional style, much like early Santa Clara paintings from the 1920s.  Between them, there are snow clouds on one side and a cloud and rainbow on the other.  The variety of colors and creative design work beautifully on this jar.  Below the shoulder are cloud and rain designs in red.  The jar has been traditionally fired outdoor and overall is a striking coloration.  It is signed on the indented bottom of the jar, “Lois”.  It’s always exciting to see her new work and have these amazing pieces in the gallery!