Gutierrez, Margaret & Luther, Stephanie Naranjo – Koshari Figures

Stephanie Naranjo Koshari: 2" tall Margaret/Luther koshari w/ pottery: 2" tall Margaet/Luther Koshari: 1.25" tall

$ 175.00

These are two small koshari clown figures by Margaret and Luther Gutierrez, and one koshari figure (left) by Luther’s granddaughter Stephanie Naranjo.  One clown by Margaret & Luther has a piece of pottery on its head.  The other is sitting down. The one by Stephanie has its hands raised.  They are each painted with clay slips to create various colorations. The Margaret/Luther figures are signed M/L.  Stephanie’s signed “Stephanie Naranjo”.  They are each in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.