Gutierrez, Pula – Bowl with Bear (1960s)

3"w x 2"h

$ 175.00

Pula (Escapula or Esquipula) Gutierrez was known for her figurative pottery. She began making pieces in the 1960s and continued through the early 1990s. She was a sister of Doneria Gutierrez (1930-2013), Andrieta Naranjo Harvier (1932-2007), and Raymond Naranjo and the mother of Sandra Sue Gutierrez.  She was an aunt of Debra Duwyenie on her mother’s side.  This is one of the few pieces of her work we have had in the gallery and it is wonderfully charming!  It is a bowl with a bear on the side.  The bear looks like it laying on the bowl and the side of the bowl has distended due to the weight of the bear!  The piece is very highly polished and fired a deep black.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Pula Gutierrez”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.