Holt, Lisa & Harlan Reano – Dragon Dog Clay Figure

14" long x 12"h

$ 4,000.00

Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano make an amazing team, working to create innovative pottery using traditional techniques.  Lisa makes the pottery and it is painted by Harlan.  This figure is a dragon/dog.  It creatively combines both a pueblo and Asian influence.  The dragon is hollow and the body has a spiraling appearance.  The body is complex and the various spines add an exceptional sense of depth to this piece!  The turned head is just perfect!  The body is painted with bee-weed (black) and a red clay slip. On the back legs is a wild spinach design.  On the sides is a flower pattern. The back and legs has a mosaic lightning pattern which Harlan often uses on his pottery.  The small clay tabs which are added are the natural color of the clay, adding another dimension to the piece.  The materials are all traditional as the red and cream are both native clays while the black is wild spinach (a plant). This figure was also traditionally fired outdoors.  It is signed on the bottom.