Holt, Lisa & Harlan Reano – Standing Owl with Pueblo Designs

11" x 14.5"h

$ 3,000.00

Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano make an amazing team, working to create innovative pottery using traditional techniques.  Lisa makes the pottery and it is painted by Harlan.  This standing owl is an exceptional piece of their work.  The owl has a rather intense connotation in Native stories reflecting wisdom, foresight, and the keeper of sacred knowledge.  This standing owl utilizes numerous traditional Cochiti and Kewa designs to make up the entire piece.  The eyes are encircled by the wild spinach plant design, which is what is used to paint the black on the figures.  The wings also have the wild spinach design in the center and plant designs on either side.  The main body has triangular feather patterns with a surrounding lightning design.  However, it’s the use of the clay as the feathers on the head and wings that is exceptional!  Harlan as well said to note how they sculpted the feet, which together with the wings, give a sense of flight. The materials are all traditional as the red and cream are both native clays while the black is wild spinach (a plant). This figure was also traditionally fired outdoors.