Hubbell, Patrick Dean – “The Smell of Rain is Refreshing to the Soul” Oil & Earth Pigments

20" x 16" unframed 25" x 21" framed

$ 2,500.00

Patrick Dean Hubbell is a dynamic painter who incorporates earth pigments and oil to create his paintings.  This painting, entitled, “The Smell of Rain is Refreshing to the Soul”, combines oil and natural earth pigments on a wood panel.  The earth pigments are all gathered by Patrick from the Navajo reservation.  This painting has a horizon line of pigments across the bottom and it is painted on board.  It is framed in a gold frame. I added an additional photo of the piece in the gallery.  Patrick says of his earth pigment series:

“The earth pigment and the oil was a project I had in mind to gather pigments from across the Navajo nation.  I would be incorporating Navajo traditional sandpainting with my background of painting.  I was also interested in the tradtiional European paintings where they used earth pigments combined with oil paint.  I put all three ideas together and this allowed for further exploration of the pigment itself.  The pigments provided both texture and transperancy in the art.”

Patrick says of his work in his artist statement:

“My work is an investigation of identity. I am drawn to the subtle questioning of this examination. I find inspiration in everything and I use various themes rooted in the correlation and the conflict of both my Native American and Contemporary mindset. I am equally interested in the abstract qualities of expression as well as representational imagery. Using nature, stories, philosophies, and abstract representations, I am able to depict this existence of identity. My work includes the use of bold and vibrant colors, combined with the integration of various elements of design, and a multitude of line quality and expressive mark making that often mimics what nature provides. These elements allow me to create my own aesthetic value in which reflect a personal experience of memory, physical, mental, and spiritual instances from life. The expressive personality of my work allows the viewer a momentary visual experience.”

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