McHorse, Joel — “Hindsight” Bowl with Lid

6"w x 6"h (w/ lid)

$ 2,400.00

Joel McHorse learned to make pottery from his mother, Christine McHorse.  This bowl is made of micaceous clay and reduction fired.  The lid fits perfectly and it is surmounted by a silver finial attached to the lid.  Amazingly, he is as much a jeweler as a potter and an architect!  This bowl is called, “Hindsight” and the shape of the silver piece captures the name perfectly!  The silver piece is made from the lost wax method in which he carves out the shape in wax and then casts it in silver.  It is attached using padded screws so that it will not damage the clay.  The shape and motion of the silverwork create a very organic appearance in combination with the simplicity and sparkle of the black fired micaceous clay.  Joel’s pottery can be found in museums such as the IAIA Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts/Peabody Essex and the Heard Museum. Joel said of his early work, “The successes of form and composition that I see in my pottery I try to utilized in my architecture.”  The opposite could be said today as the success of his architectural career has created a new direction in his work in the clay and especially in silver.