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McHorse, Joel — “Silver Flower” Lidded Jar

McHorse, Joel — “Silver Flower” Lidded Jar

6.25"w x 7.5"h (w/ lid)
$ 3,600.00
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Joel learned to make pottery from his mother, Christine McHorse.  His early work was a combination of traditional Navajo shapes and incised designs along this his own distinctive silver work that he used an finials on the lids. This is a classic jar with a perfectly fit lid made from micaceous clay and reduction fired.  The silver pieces for the lid are created using the lost wax method of casting. There are three vertical infinity symbols which are soldered together to create the flower design.  It is a brilliant use of various designs to create a new form!  The petal/flower motif as well works in balance with the shape of the jar  and the coloration from the firing.  There is an architectural appearance to them and a somewhat art-deco feel in their connection to the vessel itself.  Not surprisingly Joel is as much an architect as a potter.  He took nearly a decade away from the clay to become an architect.  Joel said of his early work, “The successes of form and composition that I see in my pottery I try to utilized in my architecture.”  The opposite could be said today as the success of his architectural career have created a new direction in his work in the clay and especially in silver.

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