Johnson, Norvin – 5 Piece Set with Branch, Eggs, and Clay Hummingbird with Silver Beak

Branch: 12" long Hummingbird: 8"w x 9" long

$ 985.00

Norvin Johnson learned to make pottery from Max Early (Laguna Pueblo). This is a creative set from him.  He said that last year he saw a hummingbird making a nest by his home and was inspired to make these pieces. There is a clay branch and clay nest. The branch is painted. The nest has two clay eggs that are also painted. It is the hummingbird however, that is quite exceptional.  The bird is made from clay and the bottom of the wings is carved.  The piece is very tightly and intricately painted on the top and the bottom.  There is a flower motif on the bottom, but Norvin pointed out that they also look like the eyes and face of an owl!  The eyes are inset turquosie.  Norvin is also a silversmith, so he made a sterling silver “beak” for the hummingbird!  WOW!  The pieces all sit together as a whole installation.  The bird is signed on the bottom, “Norvin Johnson”.  Norvin continues to create some unique and distinctive pottery that is exciting and innovative in design and form.