Leno, Juana – Bowl with Interlocking Stars (1968)

6.75"w x 5.25"h

$ 675.00

Juana Leno is one of the four revivalist matriarchs of contemporary Acoma pottery (including Marie Z. Chino, Lucy Lewis, and Jessie Garcia). She was a daughter of Lupita and Jose Vallo and learned to make pottery from her grandmother Eulilia Vallo.  This jar was originally purchased in 1968.  It has a series of fine-line interlocking stars.  There are three rows of stars with eight-sided stars connecting to four-sided stars!  Note how each star connects to the one below and to the side!  The bowl was traditionally fired, which gives it the coloration on the surface. It is signed on the bottom, “Mrs. Juana Leno”. It is in excellent condition and a creative piece of pottery by this important Acoma Pueblo potter!