Leno, Juana – Bowl with Mimbres Turtles (1960s)

5"w x 4"h

$ 225.00

Juana Leno is one of the four revivalist matriarchs of contemporary Acoma pottery (including Marie Z. Chino, Lucy Lewis, and Jessie Garcia). She was a daughter of Lupita and Jose Vallo and learned to make pottery from her grandmother Eulilia Vallo. This smaller bowl has a classic round shape.  It is painted with four Mimbres inspired turtles. Each turtle has thin lines painted across their “shell”.   Juana was famous for her thin lines and delicate designs.  The bowl was traditionally fired and it is very thin-walled. It is signed on the bottom, “Leno”. It is in excellent condition and a creative piece of pottery by this important Acoma Pueblo potter!