Lewis-Garcia, Diane – Seedpot with Mimbres Women and Geometric Patterns

2.5"w x 1.5"h

$ 115.00

Diane Lewis is known for her tightly painted miniature pottery.  This is one of her very intricately painted seedpots.  The top is painted with intricate Mimbres inspired women.  There are 16 women on the piece in seven rows.  Separating each of them are various traditional Acoma designs.  Note the complexity of the painting and the use of colors. All the colors are from natural clay slips.   Note as well there is a cut-out on the top of the piece in the shape of lightning, next to the rain designs! The women are inspired by the Mimbres pottery of the 1100’s.  It is an exciting modern interpretation of classic Acoma imagery.  It is signed on the bottom, “D. Lewis”.

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