Lonewolf, Joseph – Large Black Seedpot with 9 Mimbres Lizards (1977)

2.5"w x 2.5"h

$ 3,600.00

This is a large seedpot by Joseph Lonewolf. The piece is fully polished and fired black.  Joseph always made fewer black pieces than he made redware.  The seepot is from1977.  There are nine Mimbres-inspired lizards as the design.  Each one is a different style of lizard and they are highlighted with additional designs. The designs are etched into the backs of the lizards.  The background matte area is fully etched in ver vertical manner, as if they were crawling on the sand! It is wonderfully detailed and creative.  The seedpot is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Joseph Lonewolf”.   It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  

I think what collectors saw and recognized was his special relationship with Clay Woman, the spirit who lives in the clay. His belief and respect for her allowed him to tap into his own creative energy, that inexplicable ‘groove’ that every artist seeks but only sometimes reaches. These two elements, Dad’s energy combined with Clay Woman to form these incredible pieces, so alive and realistic that you expected the images to walk right off the pots.”  Rosemary Lonewolf, Spoken Through Clay