Lonewolf, Joseph – “Scene of Extraction” Mimbres Butterfly Seedpot (1991)

1"w x 1"h

$ 1,200.00

This is a polychrome seedpot by Joseph Lonewolf from 1991.  It is entitled, “Scene of Extraction”.  Joseph wrote of this piece:

“Representing a Mimbres butterfly extracting sweet nectar from a blossom growing from the grassy meadow.  To the right of the ancient butterfly, a daisy blossom is carried away by the wind.  Encircling the scene of extraction are the pathways of ‘life and destiny’.  The 1991 yearly symbol is of world piece and a small open-winged butterfly is the symbol of beauty”.

The seedpot is highly polished red with the Mimbres butterfly on top highlighted with blue, pink, and white clay slips.  It is a charming piece for its size and complex in coloration.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Joseph Lonewolf”.   It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  This piece also includes the original card typed up by Joseph Lonewolf detailing the specifics of the designs.

Deciphered: The Yearly Symbols of Joseph Lonewolf