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Lonewolf, Joseph – “Secreted Fawn” Seedpot (1998)

Lonewolf, Joseph – “Secreted Fawn” Seedpot (1998)

1.5"w x 1.5"h
$ 4,400.00
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This seedpot by Joseph Lonewolf is from 1998.  The piece is entitled, “Secreted Fawn”.  It includes a signed version of the card which Joseph made for each of his miniatures.  This piece was actually made for our show at the gallery with Joseph and Grace Medicine Flower in 1998.   Joseph wrote partially of this piece,

“Portrayed against a blue sky background is a single realistically designed Mule Deer fawn, most of which are born in June or July.  Nestled, side view, in an abundance of sheltered valley grasses, remote to other members of the heard, the fawn is partially encircled by eight yellow disked, red tipped daisy blossoms, which denote all that is sweet, or pleasant, in life.

Three small realistically designed cabbage white  butterflies, symbolic of beauty in life, are portrayed with the fawn.  two wings about the new born in a delicate, unhurried flight and one alight on the tip of the newborn’s right ear.”

On the back of the seedpot in the red is a Mule Deer buck, doe and fawn sketched into the clay.  They are inspired by the Mimbres pottery designs of the 11th century.  The interlocking rings medallion represents the attachment between friends and was the yearly symbol for 1997.  Beginning in the early 1970’s, Joseph Lonewolf revolutionized the world of Santa Clara pottery by incorporating his sgraffito (lightly etching the surface of the clay) and incised (more deeply cut into the clay) designs.  The piece is signed on the bottom and includes the signed artist card.  There is also a photo of Joseph holding the piece! It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

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