Lonewolf, Rosemary “Apple Blossom” – “The Birth of Adam” Large Seedpot

4"w x 3.5"h

$ 3,200.00

This is a large and personally important seedbpot by Rosemary Lonewolf.  It is round with a sharp shoulder and it is fully designed.    The piece depicts her reflecting on her pregnancy with Adam, her son.  The central figure is a pregnant woman.  She is surrounded by flowers and the area surrounding her is etched with small circles and slipped white.  Around the edge of the seedpot are traditional eagle feathers.  Around the bottom of the seedpot are a train, house, and a traditional lightning design.  They are depicting where she was living outside the Pueblo when she made this piece.  There is an eternal nature to this piece, the continuation of life, and the importance of women in Pueblo life and culture.  It is a strong and powerful piece by Rosemary.  The designs are highlighted with blue, green, and white clay slips. The seedpot is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  It is signed on the bottom, “Apple Blossom”.  Definitely an important piece in Rosemary’s pottery career!