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Lucario, Rebecca – Plate with Bird and Sprial Wing Design

Lucario, Rebecca – Plate with Bird and Sprial Wing Design

8.25" diameter
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Rebecca Lucario is known for her delicate and intricately painted pottery.  This plate is very intricately painted.  In the center is a medallion with a parrot.  This is a design often seen on Acoma pottery.  Spiraling out from this center medallion are wing designs along with rectangular designs of polished red and fine-line patterns. Typical of her work, the lines are very thin and tightly painted.  Note how the designs get larger as they extend to the rim.  The plate is signed on the back, “R. Lucario”.

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Lucario, Rebecca (b. 1951)

Rebecca Lucario, Acoma Pueblo, 2018

Rebecca Lucario is undoubtedly one of the great painters from Acoma Pueblo. She is known for her thin walled pottery and the intricate designs painted on the surface. She is a granddaughter of Dolores Sanchez and a sister of Marilyn Ray, Judy Lewis and Carolyn Concho. She learned to make pottery from her grandmother Dolores and continues to use traditional designs and Mimbres iconography in her work. Rebecca has won numerous awards for her pottery and has been featured in numerous books and the cover of the "Changing Hands" book for the museum exhibition.

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