Lujan, Annette Vigil – Polychrome Seedpot with Sun Designs (1980s)

4"w x 3"h

$ 225.00

Annette Vigil Lujan is a daughter of of noted potter Minnie Vigil. She learned to make pottery from her mother and was mostly active in the 1980s.  I remember my parents purchasing her pottery from Minnie in the 1980s for our gallery in Estes Park.  Each piece was coil built, stone polished, painted with native clay slips, and traditionally fired. This seedpot is a larger and more complex piece of her pottery.  It has four different colors with the background a polished red. The top has cloud and rain designs.  The sides have a feather pattern and below are clouds with white clay highlights.  The seedpot is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  It is signed on the bottom, “Annette”.   Annette’s aunts are potters Gloria Garcia (Goldenrod), Lois Guiterrez, and Thelma Talachy.  Her grandmother was Petra Gutierrez and great-grandmother was Pasqualita Gutierrez.