Manymules, Samuel – Black Long Neck Jar with Sharp Melon Swirls

7.75"w x 8.25"h

$ 1,500.00

This is an unusual water jar by Samuel Manymules.  It is one of the few that he fired so that it is fired all black.  The neck of the jar is plain and extends down to a sharp shoulder.  The rim is just slightly tuned out.  At the shoulder the ribs are pushed out in the clay and spiral around to the base.  They are each sharp on the edge.  hey way they flow from the neck to the ribs is especially striking.  The traditional firing has created a black coloration.  After the firing, the jar is covered with pine pitch in the traditional way expected of Navajo pottery.  It is extraordinary vessels like this that keep Samuel among the top Navajo potters working today.  It is signed on the bottom.