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Martinez, Maria – Feather Plate “Maria + Popovi”

Martinez, Maria – Feather Plate “Maria + Popovi”

6" diameter
$ 2,300.00
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This is a classic plate by Maria Martinez and her son, Popovi Da. Maria made and polished the plate while it was painted by her son, Popovi Da  (1923-1971). The plate is highly polished and has a feather pattern as the main design.  The surface of the plate beautifully reflects the light.  The feathers are very tightly painted, which is typical of the early pieces from the late 1950’s.   It is  signed on the back in the clay, “Maria Popovi“. The signature indicates that it was made around 1956-9.   The plate is in very good  condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

To learn more about Maria’s signatures, click here.

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