Medina, Elizabeth – Four Color Jar with 6 Birds, Rainbow, and Lid

6.25"w x 9.75"h(w/ lid)

$ 575.00

This is a very intricately painted Zia jar with a lid by Elizabeth Medina.  She is known for her traditional style of Zia pottery.  Each piece is coil built, painted with native clays, and native-fired.  This jar has a round shoulder and an elongated neck.  There is a polished red rainbow encircling the piece.  Below the rainbow are two sets of two birds, They are each different and polished red and tan.  Above the rainbow are flowers and two small hummingbirds!  Note as well the hatchwork lines below the flowers!  Near the base, the jar is slipped red.  The top of the jar has a lid with a red polished base and a bear on top with a bird and flower as the design.  The jar signed on the side “Elizabeth Medina, Zia”.