Medina, Elizabeth & Marcellus – Jar with Hummingbirds and Lid

6.5"w x 10"h (w/ lid)

$ 450.00

Elizabeth Medina is known for traditional style of Zia pottery.  Each piece is coil built, painted with native clays and native fired.  This jar is painted by her husband, Marcellus Medina.  The jar has rain designs around the neck.  On the body of the jar, it is very intricately painted with hummingbirds and classic Zia birds.  The birds are all surrounded by flowers.  Note the use of the red and polished surfaces to enhance the designs.  The jar has a lid that is polished red and there is a bear on top with a Zia bird on the back. The jar is signed on the side “Elizabeth + Marcellus Medina, Zia”.