Medina, Elizabeth & Marcellus – Lidded Jar with Butterflies and Zia Birds

6.5"w x 9.25"h (w/ lid)

$ 575.00

Elizabeth Medina is known for her traditional style of Zia pottery.  Each piece is coil built, painted with native clays and native fired.  This jar is made by Elizabeth and intricately painted by her husband, Marcellus Medina.  Marcellus is certainly at his best when he is reviving historic Zia styles.  The jar is very complex in design.  There are realistic butterflies painted on two sides. The butterflies are painted with clay slips. They are above traditional Zia flowers. Separating them are ZIa birds, flowers, and classic Zia feather designs.  The base of the jar is polished red.  The jar has a lid with a small bear.  It is painted with a bird and flowers on a red polished flat surface. The jar is signed on the side “Elizabeth + Marcellus Medina, Zia”.