Medina, Sofia – 14″ Dough Bowl with Zia Birds (1990s)

14.25"w x 6.75"h

$ 1,450.00

Sofia Medina was known for the traditional style of Zia pottery.  Each piece was coil built, painted with native clays, and native fired.  This is a massive open or “dough bowl”.  The bowl is very intricately painted with stylized Zia birds, rainbows, rain clouds, rainbows, and plant designs.  There are two different colors of red used on the bowl.  The interior of the piece is slipped red as is the base. The bowl is signed on the side, “Sofia Medina”.  Did you know that Zia potters use basalt as their temper for the clay, which gives these pieces their stability but also weight?  The jar was originally purchased from the artist.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.