Naha, Amber – Jar with Butterfly & Dragonflies

6"w x 4.25"h

$ 500.00

Amber Naha is a  granddaughter of Rainy Naha.  This jar is coil built, thin-walled, and painted with bee-weed and a clay slips. The pot is a classic shape for the Naha family with the high sloping shoulder.  There is a butterfly in one section and dragonflies on the opposite side.  The wings are highlighted with clay slips for coloration.  Separating them are two panels with Hopi-Tewa designs.  NOte that at the top there is a butterfly design, along with cloud, mountain and rain patterns. It is a complex and tightly painted piece. The jar is traditionally fired which gives it the slight blush on the rim.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Amber Rain Naha”.  Amber is definitely a young Hopi-Tewa potter to watch!