Naha, Paqua (Frog Woman) – Open Bowl with Bird (1940s)

6.75"w x 2"h

$ 775.00 $ 575.00

Paqua Naha was the mother of noted potter Joy “Frogwoman” Navasie and the mother-in-law of Helen “Featherwoman” Naha. She is known for her traditional designs and use of the various colors of clay at Hopi. She developed the white-ware around 1951-2. She was the first to sign her pottery with her Frog Hallmark, as “Paqua” means Frog in Hopi.  This is a classic open bowl that is fully polished on the inside and outside.  The design is a classic for Hopi-Tewa pottery with a bird spiraling over the red horizon.  The head of the bird is the swirl and the straight line of designs is the tail and wings.  It is truly fascinating how the Hopi-Tewa potters deconstructed animals and imagery to have them fit onto their pottery!  The rim of the bowl is painted black (bee-weed), which creates a striking visual contrast to the remainder of the bowl.  The bowl was traditionally fired and signed with her hallmark frog. It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair with some light surface scratches.