Naha, Rainy – Tall Jar with Butterfly Maidens

5.25"w x 7"h

$ 1,400.00

This is a tall jar by Rainy Naha is intricately designed and painted.  On this jar, she has painted two Butterfly Maidens or Pahlik Mana.  They have large tablita headdresses that are intricately painted.  Note the feathers on ends of the tablitas, which are painted in her style of hallmark!.  All the various colors are from natural clay slips.  Rainy first began to use this style of Butterfly Maiden after she saw it on a large Hopi-Tewa jar from the late 1880s at the Museum of Northern Arizona. On her pieces, she added the full body with the painted manta and mocassins.  It was traditionally fired and it is signed on the bottom with a feather and “Rainy”.  Rainy has won numerous awards for her pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Market and her work continues to be a creative inspiration in Hopi-Tewa pottery.