Naha, Sylvia – Bowl with Bat Wing Design (1980s)

5.75"w x 3.5"h

$ 800.00

Sylvia Naha created pieces with the white clay polished surface painted with bee-weed (black) and native clay slips.  Throughout the 1980s, Sylvia was considered among the most innovative of the Hopi potters.  Her pieces were classic in form and amazingly intricate in design.  This is a very traditional-style bowl.  It is fully polished white and painted with bee-weed (black) and red clay.  The bowl has a batwing design painted in four sections.  It is a classic design often seen on the work of her mother, Helen Naha. The bowl is also fully polished on the inside.  It was traditionally fired so there are light blushes to the surface.  It is signed on the bottom of the bowl with a feather and an “S”.  The piece is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.