Naha, Tyra – Jar with Lizards and Bird Designs

6"w x 5.25"h

$ 600.00

Brands:Naha, Tyra

This new jar by Tyra Naha combines several generations of designs.  Tyra is a daughter of Rainy Naha.   She learned to make pottery from her mother and continues to make traditional style Hopi-Tewa pottery in the style her grandmother, Helen “Feather Woman” Naha.  This jar has Mimbres style lizards on the top, in the manner of Sylvia Naha (her aunt).  The lizards circle the piece and their bodies are made of various Hopi-Tewa designs.  The various clays create different colorations. Around the shoulder is an “eternity belt”. This design is one used by both Helen Naha and Rainy Naha.  Below the shoulder, the base has bird and plant patterns. These designs are all ones which were inspired by the work of Helen “Featherwoman” Naha. There are plant and bird designs.  The jar is traditionally fired and signed on the bottom with a feather and spider (Spider Clan ) and a “3” for being Third Generation of the Naha family.