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Namingha, Les – “21st Century Polychrome” Jar

Namingha, Les – “21st Century Polychrome” Jar

10.25"w x 7"h
$ 3,800.00
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This is a striking wide shoulder jar by Les Namingha.  It is entitled, “21st Century Polychrome”.  The jar is made from native clay and one of the visual attributes is the color of the clay on the inside of the jar. The designs on the surface are very geometric patterns with a modernist style to the lines.  They patterns also seem to reference traditional Hopi patterns, like the “man in the maze”, which are also very linear in structure. The polychrome aspect is the use of various colors of paint on the surface.  A traditional polychrome jar would have more than three clay colors.  Here the jar has a variety of colors on the surface.  Note as well the bit of mica in the black lines, which are reflective in the light.  The jar is signed and titled on the bottom.

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