Namingha, Les – “Clangere” Jar

7.75"w x 6.75"h

$ 2,500.00

This is an intricately painted jar by Les Namingha.  The piece is entitled, “Clangere”.  While much of Les’s pottery is inspired by Hopi and Zuni imagery, there are often those pieces inspired by music.  Les says of this jar:

“Clangere” Latin.  Clang(ing). The design represents sound and reverberations.”

The shape of the jar is one of his classic forms with a wide body and elongated neck. The piece is painted with strong geometric patterns, which certainly do make one think of music and sound.  The small sections of pointilism are a style which he often uses on his pottery.  The design extends downward to the vase and up to the neck.  The colors are vivid but easily connect to the concept of this piece.   It is signed on the bottom.

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