Namingha, Les – “Four Seasons Hopi & Zuni Birds” Jar

6.5"w x 6"h

$ 2,000.00

This is an intricate jar by Les Namingha.  He is one of those potters who continues to defy expectations in his innovative clay art.  He pulls from his artistic background as well as his Zuni and Hopi heritage.  His most recent work has pulled from Hopi imagery yet combined it in a manner which is modern in appearance.   On the surface the jar, there are four seasons and he has portrayed them in an interesting manner.  There are spring, summer, and winter with the three different Hopi birds.  Each bird is painted with various Hopi-Tewa designs. One section with the dark blue at the top is the winter/Fall with the additional bird design made up of Zuni dots behind the Hopi birds.  The large red area with white linear designs is the start of the new year.  The coloration and designs work perfectly on this piece!  It is signed on the bottom.