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Namingha, Les – Oval Bowl with Hopi Birds (2004)

Namingha, Les – Oval Bowl with Hopi Birds (2004)

9" long x 6.25"w x 2"h
$ 1,100.00
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This oval bowl by Les Namingha is from 2004.  It is painted with acrylic on both the inside and outside.  On the inside, the central panel is painted with a series of Hopi birds.  They are very highly detailed with Les’s famous pointillism style.  There is a strong variation of color and complementary delicate lines.  The around the inside walls of the bowl are very textured to have the feeling of layers of paint.  The outside of the bowl is painted brown.   It is a fascinating piece and great to see how his work has evolved over time.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Les Namingha”.

In stock

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