Namingha, Les – “Pueblo Series” Hopi and Zuni Birds Jar

6.5"w x 6"h

$ 2,200.00

This jar is part of a new series of pieces by Les Namingha.  This, “Pueblo Series” is focused on universal design similarities among various Pueblo pottery. As Les is both Zuni and Hopi-Tewa, he has a lot of cultural imagery to pull from for this body of work.  Les says of this piece:

“This jar is part of my “Pueblo Jar series” that I started recently. This series interprets or incorporates elements from other Pueblos outside of my Zuni and Tewa-Hopi influenced work.  My focus is on finding similarities in design elements across all Pueblo communities.  Here there are two Hopi birds around the top half of the jar  The lines in the center again are all styles of Pueblo bird wings..  The center has stylized bird wings found on the pottery of numerous Pueblos and below that is a band of Zuni birds and butterflies.”

The jar is one of Les’s classic shapes with the wide body and short neck.  The jar has striking coloration and note the two birds on the top half are painted with a translucence which reveals the design below.  The blue band with the Zuni birds and butterflies has a bit of mica in the paint so that there is a textural element to that section.  The bottom is a bold linear geometric which accentuates the highly detailed designs on the remainder of the jar.  It is signed on the bottom.

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