Namingha, Les – “Star Pattern” Awatovi Reconstructed Jar (2016)

9"w x 5"h

$ 3,800.00

Les Namingha is one of those potters who continues to defy expectations in his innovative clay art.  This jar brings together many themes in his work over the years.  The physical jar is reconstructed, much in the style of the pottery made by Pueblo writer and advocate Rick Dillingham.  Each of the various sections is painted after being put back together.  The lines connecting the various pieces can barely be felt and takes a moment to grasp that reconstructed nature of the piece.  However, it is not just a nod to Dillingham but also to all the ancient pots which have been reconstructed, often with various sections receiving differing weathering over time.  The shape and design of the jar are inspired by the pottery of the Awatovi ruin near Hopi.  Certainly the most famous for reviving the Awatovi Star Pattern is Helen Naha.  Here Les has captured the essence of the “black and white” of her pottery. However, he has moved beyond that reference by making it intensely colorful and textural in areas.   The contrast of the various colors and the matte/glossy surfaces adds to the impact of this jar!  The jar virtually becomes an exploration of the influences and aesthetics which surround ancient vessels and yet continue to impact and speak to contemporary artists.  This jar is signed on the bottom, “Les Naminigha”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, repair as it came through the gallery the first time, it’s great to have it here again!  The last photo is one of the jar with an “Awatovi Star” design jar by Helen Naha.