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Namingha, Les – “Striped Pueblo Jar #1” Jar

Namingha, Les – “Striped Pueblo Jar #1” Jar

7"w x 7.5"h
$ 3,200.00
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This jar by Les Namingha is entitled, “Striped Pueblo Jar #1”.  The shape is one of his now classic forms with a round shoulder and an asymmetrical neck and opening.  The jar is painted with a variety of Pueblo designs.  Around the neck are white cloud and blue sky dots.  Around the shoulder are very finely painted triangular geometrics alternating with tightly painted mulit-color rectangles.  The triangles are inspired by Acoma, while the colored rectangles remind one of the jewelry of Charles Loloma and his inspiration of the Hopi landscape.  Below that are striped bands of color along with pointilsim sections.  These various designs remind one of Acoma, Zuni and Hopi designs.  The lower band has thinly painted intersecting circles and lines creating a variety of interlocking patterns.  The lowest section has the black triangular designs on the brown band are inspired by the work of the Southern pueblos.  As all the imagery is broken apart, the various sources of inspiration become quickly evident.  It is certainly a creative direction for his pottery designs.  The jar is signed on the bottom.

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