Namingha, Les – Sun and Rain Kewa Inspired “Pueblo Series” Jar

6.25"w x 6.5"h

$ 2,000.00

This jar by Les Namingha is inspired by the designs on Kewa pottery.  It is part of his “Pueblo Series”.  The jar has circular sun and linear rain designs near the base. Around the shoulder are water designs.  The area above the shoulder is intricately painted with a rising and setting sun pattern along with water and earth designs.  There is a striking complexity to the various shapes and colors used throughout this jar.  Les says of this style of his work:

“This jar is part of my “Pueblo Jar series” that I started recently. This series interprets or incorporates elements from other Pueblos outside of my Zuni and Tewa-Hopi influenced work.  My focus is on finding similarities in design elements across all Pueblo communities.””  Les Namingha

The jar is signed on the bottom,  “Les Namingha”.

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