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Namingha, Les – “Untitled” Pastel Painting

Namingha, Les – “Untitled” Pastel Painting

11.5 x 8.5 unframed 20 x 17.5 Frame
$ 900.00
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This painting by Les Namingha is untitled. It is from a series he has painted using pastel on paper.  The piece is a modernist approach to color.  They are all colors used in his pottery and it is interesting to see how they play against one another in Les’s mind. That playfulness comes out in the lines and colors of the piece.  There are hints of figures and even a dragonfly, but they ask the question of whether they are intentional or simply our minds seeing more in the pastel colors! It is framed in a wood frame with a white matte.  It is signed in the lower right corner, “Les Namingha”.

In stock

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