Nampeyo, Carla Claw – Seedpot with Carved Eagle Dancer

2.25"w x 3"h

$ 115.00

Carla Claw Nampeyo is a daughter of noted potter Thomas Polacca and a niece of Fannie Nampeyo. She is also a great-granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano. Her brother is Gary Polacca and she is married to Raul Claw (Navajo).  She is known for her incised pottery and the use of slips that give the appearance of wood to the surface of her pottery. This seedpot has an Eagle Dancer Katsina as the design.  The figure is carved into the clay and surrounded by rain, cloud, and lightning designs.  The seedpot is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  It is signed on the bottom, “Carla Nampeyo”.