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Nampeyo, Darlene – Miniature Pottery Set


Nampeyo, Darlene – Miniature Pottery Set

2.5\" long x 1.5\"h
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Darlene learned to make pottery from her aunts, Dextra and Priscilla.  Her pottery is more traditional in style and she continues to use Hopi clay for her pottery and paint with bee-weed for the black.  This is a charming set she has made with two small bowls made with the Hopi red clay.  They are affixed to two clay “rock” slabs.  She said she had made the miniatures and thought they were more interesting as a group, as if they were sitting out on the rocks at Hopi.  It has been traditionally fired to create the variations in color on the surface.  It is signed on the back.

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