Naranjo, Bernice – 11″ Tall Jar with Dragonflies and Bee

5.5"w x 11"h

$ 1,300.00

Bernice Naranjo is known for her distinctive etched pottery.  She is married to Tito Naranjo and is a sister-in-law to Dolly Naranjo, Jody Folwell, and Michael Naranjo.  She is the mother of Dusty Naranjo and Caroline Elliot and the grandmother of Johnathan Naranjo. This jar is coil-built and fully polished.  It was fired a dark brown coloration and then the designs were etched into the clay.  The jar has five large dragonflies etched into the clay.  Note the complexity of the design on the wings!  They are flying through tall grasses and there is even a little bee!  The designs are etched into the clay at various depths to create more diverse shadows on the surface of the jar. It is an exceptional design and amazingly intricate in complexity. The jar is signed near the bottom with her sun hallmark.