Naranjo, Jody – Jar with Birds, Stars and Sliver Lid by Darrell Jumbo (2007)

Jar: 5.25"w x 4.25"h Jar with Lid: 6" tall

$ 2,400.00

This is a creative collaborative piece by Jody Naranjo and Darrell Jumbo (Navajo).  The jar was made and fully polished by Jody Naranjo.  It is designed with a series of birds etched into the clay.  The background is fully designed with her signature star pattern.  It is unusual to see her pottery fully polished with no matte band. The lid was made by noted Navajo silversmith Darell Jumbo.  The lid is made from sterling silver and has a turquoise inset on the top and chrysoprase on the side.  The shape of the bird on top is the same shape as the birds etched on the jar! It is a creative combination of two artists working together to make something even more exceptional.   The jar is signed, “Jody Naranjo” and it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  The lid is stamped with Jumbo’s “elephant” hallmark.

A bit about Darell Jumbo:

Besides the unusual themes of his pieces, Darrell’s techniques are also amazing, resulting in pieces that truly come alive. His animals frequently show movement, personality, and even emotions, which is testament to his great skill as a contemporary artist. According to Darrell, “I often use a variety of silversmithing techniques, including stampwork, fusion, overlay, inlay, reticulation, granulation, texturing, and more on a single piece to heighten its visual impact.”

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