Naranjo, Johnathan – Lidded Jar with Koshari Figures

5"w x 7"h (w/ figures) 5"h w/o figures

$ 2,000.00

This is a creative and complex piece by Johnathan Naranjo.  The jar is a striking shape with a square body and a slight neck.  It is very highly polished and there is a carved mesa design around the neck.  Around the shoulder are incised bands with Pueblo scenes.  Each of the four scenes is very tightly etched and shows the Koshari clowns in various activities on the Pueblo.  On the top of the piece, there is a flat lid and a wooden ladder that sets into the carved holes in the lid.  Sitting and standing on the lid are two clay Koshari clowns.  They are sculpted and painted with native clay slips.  The detail in the bodies and the figures is amazing for Native clay.  Johnathan has also sculpted them so that they fit perfectly into the grooves on the lid.  The combination of form and design and concept on this piece is exceptional.  What is distinctive about Johnathan’s pottery is how he is able to use the etching technique at various depths to create the colors on his pottery. The red is just taking away the polished surface while the tan is the underlying clay.  It is signed, “Johnathan Naranjo”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Few potters are able to achieve this effect with such precision and detail.  Johnathan continues to be one of the young potters to watch!