Naranjo, Johnathan – Water Jar with Hummingbirds & Flowers

5.5"w x 8"h

$ 1,250.00

This water jar by Johnathan Naranjo is an elegant shape. The shoulder and the turned out neck give it a graceful appearance.  The jar is fully polished and etched. The design consists of three sections with flowers and hummingbirds.  Each of the flowers is highly detailed.  In addition to the hummingbids there is a little bee and a flying lady bug!  The outside rim of the neck has an additional rain and lightning pattern.  The use of the highly polished surface and the detailed designs works beautifully on this jar. Note on the flowers how they are etched to be both red and tan, in a slight gradation of color, which gives them both depth and realism.  The jar is traditionally fired, which gives it the distinctive coloration.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.  Johnathan has won numerous awards for his pottery and  Johnathan is definitely one of the young potters to watch!