Naranjo, Kevin – Large Black-and-Sienna Jar with Deer, Pueblo, Feathers and Avanyu (2022)

5"w x 4"h

$ 1,500.00

This is a new large jar piece by Kevin Naranjo.  He creates beautifully incised pottery with realistic scenes.  This jar is fully polished and fully designed.  It was first fired black, then etched, then two-toned in areas on the jar and the rim to create the sienna coloration. The rim has cloud designs and below is a double avanyu. Below the avanyu are tightly etched eagle feathers.  The main part of the jar has seven deer with Puye Pueblo behind them.  Kevin uses Puye Publeo near Santa Clara, as it is the ancestral home of the Tewa people of the Pueblo.  Not only are the deer realistic, but behind them are the buildings, trees, rocks, and mountains.  The jar is amazing in detail.  I’m not sure my photos even do it justice!  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Kevin Naranjo”.  Amazingly, I have been working with Kevin since the late 1980s and it has been exciting to see how his work has evolved over the years.

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